Nutrition & Weight loss 8 Week Program

Weight Loss Essentials

At Boundless Holistic Wellness Center, we know nutrition is an extremely important aspect of leading a healthy lifestyle. Proper nutrition provides the fuel your body needs to maintain a healthy weight, stay energized, and prevent you from a number of health risks. We have multiple tools in helping to find the best plan for you.

Whether you are struggling with food allergies, wanting to achieve weight loss, reduce fatigue, or finally stop dieting and find a plan for your lifestyle, we will work with you in making a meal plan specific to helping you reach your wellness goals.

1. Initial Visit
Our initial visit begins with personal history and evaluation to fully understand your goals and expectations. The evaluation includes a private weigh-in and a body composition analysis which gives BMI and estimates body fat percentage. I will discuss, in detail, the recommended weight loss program for your specific needs. The customized weight loss program will include all-natural supplements, custom meal ideas, as well as diet and exercise recommendations for your plan. 

2. Follow-Up Visit
Follow-up visits are scheduled weekly, for the duration of the program. At each visit, you will have a private weigh-in, body composition performed, and a review of your personal Health Journal. Along with 20 mins under infrared lights or 20 mins in the infrared sauna, BrainTap Technology audio sessions for guided visualization, and whole-body vibration session.  We will discuss all aspects of your program including the efficacy of supplements, diet, and exercise compliance, and/or challenges. At each visit, you will be educated and given tools to help you continue or maintain your weight loss.

3. Maintenance Program
We understand that “keeping the weight off” is a challenging obstacle for anyone who has lost weight. We continue to support you on an as-needed basis, provide continual education, health tips, and support after any weight loss program is completed. You are part of the Boundless Family!

A follow-up visit will consist of retesting BIA, revisiting goals, and making any changes to your plan to help you reach your goals and sustain your lifestyle.

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While a healthy diet and dedicated exercise routine are commonly suggested components for healthy weight loss, there are some cases where these steps are simply not enough. Few outsides of the medical profession are aware that certain health conditions can contribute dramatically to excess weight. In these cases, no amount of time spent dieting or in the gym will treat the underlying cause and enable afflicted persons to shed excess weight.
One such medical issue, notably present in up to 80 percent of overweight women, is a sluggish and poorly operating lymphatic system. In such cases, excess weight is not caused by the body retaining fat, but instead is accounted for by toxins, excess fluids, and other harmful substances remaining trapped in the body. The lymphatic system and its associated lymph channels govern the body’s ability to drain and purify itself of these toxins; therefore, women with sluggish lymphatic systems are unable to do so and therefore suffer from stagnation of these harmful excess fluids.
The impact of this fluid retention is startling, with swelling up to two dress sizes, or about 10 to 15 pounds of extra weight. Since it is caused by toxin retention and not extra fat, no amount of diet or exercise will remove this bloating and inflammation. Instead, women with this condition are best served by undergoing lymphatic drainage.
Essentially, lymphatic drainage works by pushing stagnant lymph back into circulation, in some cases by as much as 78 percent. Stagnant lymph contains solid bloat, which, while appearing as solid fat, is actually minute layers of cell debris, old blood, dehydrated lymph portions, and other toxic matter. By undergoing lymph drainage and purification, this harmful, toxic matter is expelled from the body, reducing physical bloat and improving lymph flow by as much as 20 times. This treatment can help reduce stomach bloat, unexplained weight gain, and restore the body to its natural alkalinity and target weight.


Get your body to a healthy, balanced state where it can begin to heal itself the way God created it to do.