Maxzorb MaxImmunity Plus

Maxzorb MaxImmunity Plus

  • A truly holistic approach to health.
  • Supports overall health at times of stress and prevalent outbreaks of disease.
  • It's packed with 28 immune boosting ingredients!


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Size: 150 Capsules

  • Product Details

    Product Details

    A truly holistic approach to wellness, this cutting-edge formula supports overall health all year round. Especially during times of stress and prevalent outbreaks of disease.

    We have included ample amounts of Zinc, Vitamin D-3, Vitamin C, Quercetin, Elderberry and super immune booster mushroom Agaricus.

    This formula is extremely effective at raising our resilience during times of stress, as well as seasonal changes that increase our susceptibility to immunity failure.
    Why it works! It’s packed with 28 immune-boosting ingredients in one powerful formula!

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